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December 2010 – Darby Rae

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The Votes Are In…

After an (unscientific) poll regarding what novel to finish next, the winner is…Killer Coordinates.  The votes were close, but my agent’s vote was triple weighted, and she wanted this project pushed to the front.  She’s already working on creative marketing ideas to promote the novel (ingenious ideas that tie to the story line).

The story takes place in Chicago, where Kate Lanigan lives a content life.  She is a widow, and content to keep it that way.  Her 24 year old son lives with her and she is content with that too.  Though she is also content with her job, writing the Lifestyle column for the Chicago Chronicle, economic changes put her employment at risk.  The Chronicle is the only surviving newspaper in Chicago, although readership continues to drop.

When Kate spices up her column to reach a broader reading pool, she draws the attention of a dormant serial killer…or someone who knows the killer.  The informant sends clues to Kate leading her on a treasure hunt around the city, unearthing information to decade old murders…murders that share a common thread, a thread she is determined to untangle.

Kate enlists the help of her friend and fellow journalist, Celi, to follow the clues.  Together they are hardly the able sleuth team, contaminating evidence, interfering with the police investigations and putting themselves in danger.  None of this discourages them in their hunt for the truth.

The heightened visibility of Kate’s column and new found popularity is exciting for Kate and Celi.  But excitement turns to terror when someone close to them is murdered in a similar manner.  Has the dormant killer been revived?  Has the recent publicity awakened the killer’s need to kill again and keep killing?

Are you hooked?  It’s funny, because I can’t wait to find out what happens…and I’m writing the novel.  Although the basic story line of Killer Coordinates is written—who the killer is, why the murders were committed, and who else will lose their life—the details of the story and personalities of the characters will unfold as I write.

Merciful Law was written in about four months.  Killer Coordinates requires more research, and will take an additional month or two to write, I’m sure.  This isn’t good news, because my agent has given me an April 1st deadline for the finished manuscript.  Wish me luck…and keep reading!