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June 2011 – Darby Rae

Archives for June 2011

Excited to be a part of the Indianapolis Book Festival!

Take a look at their Facebook page to find out more info on the event.  Looking forward to it!

My Dragon Ate My Blog!

Last October (after frying my Blackberry when I was in England), I bought a Droid 2.  When I showed it to my oldest son, he remarked, “Mom, you’re not qualified to own that.  Do you know what that phone can do?”  I gave him a dismissive wave and swore I would learn how to use my phone myself.  I also vowed to be more proactive in learning and using technology, which seems to advance in dog years.

In January I bought the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen.  I use it as a digital recorder when I‘m in the car, but the Smartpen records what I hear and write when I’m at conferences or meetings.  The recorder, which looks like a fat pen, integrates the notes I take with the audio (recording).  Its functionality also makes sharing easy enough that I can do it.  After months of use, I collected hours of recordings.  So, the next obvious addition to my technology toolbox was a transcription accessory.

For my birthday in May, I bought myself the Dragon, a sassy piece of software that does more than just transcribe.  It will create emails, documents and spreadsheets simply by speaking.  I can literally control my laptop with the Dragon (with a little more training).  Proudly, I report, I went through the initial tutorial in its entirety before using my new gizmo.  Then I dictated my Father’s Day blog and commanded the Dragon to move the text (blog) to an email.  That’s when he ate my blog.

Pride has kept me from asking one of my teens for help in coaxing the Dragon to release my blog from his clutches.  After all, Father’s Day has passed, and I have nearly a year for the beast to burp up my blog.  With a little more training, I’m confident the Dragon and I will have a productive coexistence.

Check out the Smartpen and the Dragon but if you are able to train your Dragon before I train mine…no fair bragging about it.

It’s getting hot…time for a good book and a pool!

One of my favorite summer past-times, sitting next to a pool reading a good book! There’s lots of good books coming out this summer, but one I know for sure is Merciful Law! Get your copy…and go enjoy the sun!

Congratulations to Tammy Hornek!

Tammy Hornek is the winner of the Barnes & Noble Nook Electronic Reader! Thank you, Tammy, for participating and congratulations! Enjoy!