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July 2011 – Darby Rae

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Is Your Point of View Flawed?

When my saintly editor sent her first edits of Merciful Law to me, there had to be thousands of corrections.  Bless her heart!  (And I mean that sincerely, not the way Southerners use the phrase bless her heart… “Bless her heart, she’s just the worst cook within 100 miles.”  Or, “Bless her heart, she isn’t as smart at a twig.”).  My editor, bless her heart, was St. Patience, the patron saint of writers who forgot how to punctuate a sentence containing dialogue and who jump from past to present tense three of four times in one page.  (Did you notice—I just jumped tenses!).  St. Patience also corrected countless typos and some awkward wording, but in over 500 pages edited she only noted three times “POV shift.”

Remarkably, POV was something I successfully executed (mostly) without knowing what the heck a POV was.  St. Patience answered my email asking her to explain POV.  She said I changed my “point of view.”  In a few scenes I inserted Emmet’s “point of view” when I had been speaking from Annie’s “point of view.”

“Point of view” refers to the source of the narrator’s voice in a novel.  There are several options (amazingly, I stuck with just one—unlike my tense shifting).  Novel Publishing does a great job explaining each.

Merciful Law actually had three voices, Annie’s, Lawrence’s and I won’t tell you the third—you’ll have to read it to find out!  So here’s the question of the day:  In what POV was Merciful Law written?  First Person POV, Limited Third Person POV or Multiple Third Person POV and why?  The first correct answer wins a free download of Merciful Law!

Need Some e-Help!

So…along with being less than proficient with technology, I also have commitment issues with technology.  Why?  Because it changes so quickly!  By the time I figure out what to buy, buy it and learn how to use it…a better, faster, easier to use, etc…one is released.  So this is one area in life I just want someone (technically savvy) to tell me what to do.  What advice do you have for me and others like me out there who need help with their e-reader purchase?

If you are one of the countless e-reader user/owners, tell us what you have and why you would (or wouldn’t) recommend it?  Would you make the same purchase today?  Below are some of the features and functions this Consumer Reports video talks about.

What features are important to you?  Here are the ones I think are important to me:

Must be easy (for ME) to use.

Must be able to read outdoors in bright sun (would that be e-ink vs. LCD?)

Must be able to connect easily to the internet without additional expense.

Must be able to download books easily and from a variety of locations.

Would be nice to share e-books.

Would be nice to check out library books.

Not sure about battery life, screen size and page turning…is there that much difference?

Not sure what else could be important…color?

The online comparisons seem to favor the Kindle, but one-on-one conversations I have favor the Nook.  What advice do you have for all the ‘non-e-reader owners?’  If you were buying an e-reader this weekend…what would you buy?

And of course your first download should be Merciful Law!   (Had to get a plug in there!)