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October 2011 – Darby Rae

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Merciful Law is going on tour!

So, my publicist has been telling me I need to do a blog tour. I have to be honest, I thought she was making it up. Turns out, it’s a real thing. There is an entire community of readers out there that dedicate their time to read and review author’s works. Not only was I excited to share my work with colleagues and peers that value reading as I do, I was so excited to learn they want me to guest post on their sites! I feel so honored!

This tour is virtual – Instead of going from city to city, traveling on a beaten down bus, eating horribly and keeping odd hours, I will be featured on different blogs throughout the fall. We’ve coordinated with some great bloggers and I’m so excited to hear what they think of Merciful Law. All of the posts will be shared on my calendar.

If you’d like to participate in the Merciful Law Fall Book Blog Tour, please contact

Real Beauty…Wednesday October 26th…1:00-7:00

What do you think of when you hear of an event called Gorgeous Gals!  I’ll tell you what I thought when my publicist said she signed me up to participate in it.  I thought it sounded self-centered.  I wondered why anyone would want to come to an event where the vendors thought of themselves as “gorgeous gals?”  How tacky.  Well, it wasn’t at all what I thought.  Take a look:

Gorgeous Gals! is a Celebration of Indiana Women coming together to support the courageous Gorgeous Gals who are fighting cancer.  The proceeds of this event go to Hello Gorgeous, a nonprofit organization that provides complimentary make-overs for women battling cancer.  What will this celebration include?

  • Shopping of course! Over 65 unique vendors selling everything a woman could want.
  • A Strolling Fashion Show where cancer survivors feature fashion from area Boutiques & Designers.
  • Happy Hour Celebration from 4:30-6:30 with a cash bar.
  • Door prizes.
  • A Hello Gorgeous surprise makeover & reveal for a Nominated Cancer Survivor.
  • A Wall of Honor for all cancer survivors and fighters.
  • A Wall of Remembrance for those who lost their courageous battle.
  • All Cancer Survivor Attendees will be honored.


Gorgeous Gals! A Celebration of Indiana Women!

Cost:  $5.00

When: Wednesday, October 26, 2011 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Where: Forum Conference Center 11313 USA Parkway  Fishers, IN 46038

Why:  Because Hoosier women are Gorgeous–from the inside out!  Join our celebration.


Sponsored by Affiliated Women International

Benefiting Hello Gorgeous of Indiana “Gifting a Life Lift to Women Surviving Cancer”


In the 68 fiction novels I’ve read this year, most of them contained a thread of romance.  Some of the romantic scenes were funny, some wildly passionate, some horribly awkward or just plain bad and unnecessary to the story. So what makes a good love scene? And why do some enhance a story while others leave you wondering,  what was the point of that?

, Romantic Suspense novelist of Killing Bliss, Over Her Dead Body (both I have read) and many others (I look forward to reading) give sound advice for writing romantic scenes. Here’s what she says…

“The steamy sex scene isn’t the exclusive territory of the romance novelist. Writers from many genres think about including sex scenes in their stories, either because they want to write one or because they feel somewhat compelled to. Sex sells, the writer hears, and we do want to sell our stories.  What writers don’t want is to win the Bad Sex of the Year trophy. So here’s some helpful thoughts, writer warriors. (Oh, hell, let’s call them rules. That way we can have fun breaking them.)

  1. You never, ever have to write a sex scene. It’s a choice. Like climbing Mt. Everest.
  2. If you do write a sex scene, never, ever write one that takes you beyond your personal comfort level. You’ll know when you’re doing it, your story will show it, and your reader will know it.
  3. (My personal favorite!) It is a far, far better thing you do—not to write a love scene at all than to write an egregiously bad one.

“We all know a reader is lulled by tone—it’s like music playing in the background. Tone is a form of continuity and it sets up expectations. So if you jump from light and frothy to down and dirty, your sex scene will jar the reader. The reverse is also true. Stay true to your music.”

Read the full blog


Behave Famously


In September I attended a meeting with business owners to share best practices.  The session that I loved began with the speaker announcing, “I want to be famous, so I behave famously.”  Then he began to ask us questions like, “Do famous people do interviews while they are becoming famous—or only after they are famous?  Do famous people do speaking engagements while they are becoming famous—or only after they become famous?  Do famous people write articles, do videos, appear on television while they are becoming famous—or only after they are famous?”

This was an ah-ha moment for most of us in the room.  One of those times when you hear something so basic, it’s brilliant!  Famous people have certain activities or behaviors they do that help make them famous.  They don’t become famous and all of a sudden begin doing them, duh.

Here are some ideas for behaving famously:

  1. Schedule book signings.  If you are only contacting local bookstores to hold your book signing, think again.  Is there a local coffee shop, non-profit event, fashion show or book fair you can attend?  I’ve done several events this year, even one at my chiropractor’s customer appreciation event.  I sold a bunch of books, received exposure to his clientele, and had an adjustment done on my aching body.
  2. Offer to speak at a function for free if you can sell your books before and after the event.  Eighty percent of the population want to write a book.  If you’ve published one, you likely have wisdom to share…even if it’s a list of “Don’ts.”
  3. Give stuff away.  Anytime I’m contacted to donate a copy of my book to use in a fundraiser, I say yes and always will.  (Note: I wouldn’t support ‘Cash for Satan’s Children’ or a ‘Do Drugs—They’re Fun!’ Event, but so far nobody like that has asked.)  Look for opportunities to give back.
  4. Get on television!  It certainly takes more than a phone call to David Letterman to get on his show, but there is plenty of local air time available.  If you are intimidated by feeling not good enough for even local programming, watch some.  I promise you will feel better.  For some inspiration, tune into WISH-TV on Sunday morning, October 16th at 7AM to catch me speaking about the Gorgeous Gals event happening on October 26th.  Besides, if David does call, wouldn’t it be nice to have some experience appearing on television before you’re a guest of his?
  5. Tape a dozen short videos and post them on YouTube.  Then put them on your Facebook page, tweet about them, and put them on your website with links to them in your blog.  Think that’s a dumb idea?  Google James Patterson and see how many videos he has.  I stopped scrolling forward at page 55.  He earned $70 million this year.

To date I don’t have any video, but I am working on it.  I tried to record a 20 second video with my 12 year old as the camera man.  After more than two dozen takes, I had to start bribing him for each subsequent take.  It shouldn’t be that hard, but he kept cracking me up by directing through pantomime and exaggerated arm movements.  I’ll give it another shot soon.  If you have a video, feel free to post it in the comments section.  I’d love to see what others are doing to behave famously!