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Jumping Genres!

To someone in my generation, this might sound like something Robin would say to Batman (“Jumping Genres, Batman, did you see that?”…or I could be the only one thinking that…hmmm….*crickets*). But to someone who reads or writes, you know what I mean. The question I have been asked most lately, besides when will Dandelions be released, is why have I jumped genres from Merciful Law’s Action/Suspense (or Romantic Suspense) to Dandelions’ Young Adult Paranormal genre?

Multiple choice answer:

a)      I read YA fiction and love it!

b)      I like a variety of reading, therefore I like variety in my writing.

c)      I have commitment issues.

d)     Dandelions was partially written, and I wanted to finish it.

e)      My teens and their friends hounded me to write something for them.

The answer is all of the above, but mostly (e). Once my teens and their friends knew I had a YA book in the works, they were relentless to have me finish it. Teens have more power than multi-level marketing. They tell a friend, who tells two friends and so on. Soon any teen that walked in my house asked about when Dandelions would be finished. It was inspiring!

What we haven’t released yet is the price point for Dandelions. It will be released only in e-format, which keeps costs down, and I wanted to make it available at a price that anyone and everyone could afford…including teens and their friends. So…we’ve priced Dandelions at 99 cents. Yup, 99 cents.

You can download Dandelions Thursday ONLY and from every other ebook format in two weeks! Read it, talk about it, tweet about it, post it on your Facebook page, send an Instagram of it. Help me spread the word so I can continue to offer this series at 99 cents. We are already well into Fireweed, the next thrilling book of this series.

To everyone who is already helping get the word out, thank you a million-trillion. I am truly grateful!

Dandelions Testimonials

Darby Rae effortlessly pulls you into the world of paranormal shifters and the young love story of Tess and Luke. The well developed characters, and the mix of love, mystery and excitement keeps you turning the pages. I read it in one sitting wanting more. I can’t wait to read the next in the series! –Lynn Zettler, Author of STOP Talking to Me

Dandelions will have you from the first paragraph; everyday characters that you identify with and love right away; a love story / adventure saga in the Young Adult Paranormal genre that appeals to teens and to their parents equally. A page-burner very similar to the I am Number Four series. You will absolutely love this story!
Bruce Seidman, Co-author Sandler Success Principles

Vivid and brilliant storytelling. This book has a lot of heart with all the excitement and twists I expect from Darby Rae. – She Who Blogs Behind the Rows

Finally. A young heroine who is neither flighty nor melodramatic. Tess is strong, real, vulnerable, capable, smart and compassionate. She respects herself, loves her family and knows her voice. A welcome relief in an age of reality show prima donnas, surly teen stars and pop divas. ~ Lisa Whitman, writer, video producer and mother of three energetic boys and two spirited girls.

Dandelions is a fun and engaging read. Rae draws you in from beginning to end. Instantly, you will find yourself wanting to learn more about each character as the complexity of the story develops. This book will keep you guessing what is next and leave you wanting more. – Arin Ralstin, co-author of 3 Steps To Your Best Body in Record Time


Tessa Morgan yearned to be an average teenage girl. She had a protective mother who loved her, a stepdad who annoyed her and two spirited younger brothers who entertained her and started a bit of trouble. She didn’t have friends, a social life or a boyfriend.

The summer of her 16th birthday, all of that changed. When her feet hit the sand of Clowder Beach, she believed she finally had the chance to be normal. Suddenly, she had friends and maybe even a boyfriend.

Luke Decker had lived in Kilkenny his whole life. He’d experienced great loss, had no family except for his best friend Chase and his grandmother who had taken him in as their own, and had an overwhelming responsibility no teenager should ever carry. Luke was no ordinary teen and when he met Tessa, he knew she wasn’t either. She had no idea how different she really was and he would have to reveal the truth to her.

She wanted friends. She wanted adventure. She wanted excitement. What she discovered was a family secret that changed her destiny and threatened her life.

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The Key to Succeeding is Lying

The average person lies over 100 times a day. When I heard that statistic, I was horrified! Maybe the research was done on convicts, or toddlers…but certainly not the average citizen, right? Wrong. Fortunately or unfortunately for society, it is also true the average person lies more to themselves than to others.

One morning I decided to keep track of my lies. By 8:15 I was up to 9 lies. Here were some of them:

  • I can sleep 20 more minutes and still be on time. (I told myself that lie twice)
  • I have nothing to wear today. (Big lie)
  • Coffee is all my body needs for breakfast. (Conflicts with lie #5)
  • I can’t keep up with all my email. (Closest thing to the truth I’ve told so far)
  • I’m going to eat healthy today. (Ended up being a lie)
  • I don’t have the time or energy to workout. (Only true because of lie #1, #3)

Doing some quick math, if I was going to be awake for another 14 hours, I was likely an above average liar. Not necessarily bad, but in my early morning lying spree, most of my thoughts were negative. This was not a surprise since typically, 78% of our thoughts are negative; not good either. Is this where the cliché, we are our own worst enemy, comes from?

I could just as easily have started off the day with a positive stream of lies. Keeping in mind, a lie is something that isn’t true…yet.

  • I have plenty of time and energy to do everything I need and want to do today.
  • It’s going to be a fabulous day.
  • Money comes easily and frequently to me.
  • I am a calm and peaceful person.
  • When I travel, everything goes smoothly.
  • I am a tri athlete in training.
  • I am a bestselling author.

Seth Godin, in his recent blog, Conflicted,  tells about the conflict between I and me. John Rosso, in his recent keynote address at Sandler Training’s Client Summit in Orlando, Florida spoke about the Battle of Beliefs between a buyer (prospect) and a seller (salesperson). Rhonda Byrne, in The Secret, teaches about The Law of Attraction and the power of affirmations. In all instances the experts point out the power of positive self talk, or affirmations. Therefore, the challenge with these internal conversations or statements is not whether they are true or false (a lie); it is whether they are positive or negative.

If you are going to lie to yourself, you might as well make them work for you. Tell yourself you are the best in the world at what you do. Tell yourself success comes easy. Tell yourself you are beautiful inside and out. Some days you’ll feel like it’s true, other days it feels like a lie. Nevertheless, make a commitment to start each day with a good breakfast and ten big lies…then watch your dreams become reality.