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5 Star Review – Darby Rae

5 Star Review

Amanda‘s review  –  Sep 20, 11

5 of 5 stars

Not very often will a book land on my desk that will grab my attention in the first chapter, but Merciful Law was one of those books!

Lawrence Davenport is a man with power, money, and the means to make things happen. So what happens when his wife suddenly disappears? What if his wife didn’t want to be found? What lengths would a man go to in order to bring his loved one back home?
Deborah Davenport has seen the light and needs to make a new life for herself. Leaving Lawrence was not a decision made lightly and becoming Annie Logan will prove to be more difficult than she ever imagined.
Emmet Navar is no stranger to danger in his life. His main priority is keeping his two boys safe and in the life they are accustomed to. Emmet hires Annie as a professional assistant to the Navar house. Neither one of them could have possibly seen where this was the beginning of a long ride of bumps and turns.
Emmet has a problem in keeping his professional exterior up when he is around Annie and soon confesses his attraction to her. Annie is worried that her husband and his many dangerous men are always just behind her shoulder and she will lead them right to the things she is starting to love.
Darby Rae is a brilliant storyteller and Merciful Law has everything to become a bestseller. This book has just enough suspense to keep you interested without knowing what is going to happen until the very last page. The wit and some of the characters were a much needed comic relief that kept the story from being too heavy. I found myself laughing out loud at some of the quick banter and sarcasm that was laced in the lines.
I would also like to bring some focus onto the setting. I’ve never read a book that was set in my own back yard. This was interesting and exciting and completely realistic.
At 455 pages long, this book has a bit more to it than your average novel. I was never bored and not once did I want to skip a page or two. Rae has a way of building the story up without just putting words on a page. It was intelligent and very well thought out. I would recommend that everyone pick this book up. I was surprised at how I was genuinely surprised and every page was a journey to the next. Merciful Law is a perfect example of how a bestseller should be written.
Amanda @  bookshelves: indie-challenge   Read from September 18 to 20, 2011 — I own a copy, read count: 2
-Thanks, Amanda, for the awesome review of Merciful Law! So glad you liked it!!  Read Chapter 1 of Merciful Law or order now


  1. Katrina Stark says

    I give Merciful Law 5 stars too! Wish I could write as well as Amanda. I agree it should be a best seller.

  2. Brenda Mason says

    I ordered Merciful Law expecting suspense. What I didn’t expect was to laugh out loud and connect so completely with the characters. Rae makes you feel like you know the players personally and when the story ends, you miss them.

    This year I’ve read 26 novels. If Rae had another published, I’d buy it today. Ditto: 5 Stars.

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