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Behave Famously – Darby Rae

Behave Famously


In September I attended a meeting with business owners to share best practices.  The session that I loved began with the speaker announcing, “I want to be famous, so I behave famously.”  Then he began to ask us questions like, “Do famous people do interviews while they are becoming famous—or only after they are famous?  Do famous people do speaking engagements while they are becoming famous—or only after they become famous?  Do famous people write articles, do videos, appear on television while they are becoming famous—or only after they are famous?”

This was an ah-ha moment for most of us in the room.  One of those times when you hear something so basic, it’s brilliant!  Famous people have certain activities or behaviors they do that help make them famous.  They don’t become famous and all of a sudden begin doing them, duh.

Here are some ideas for behaving famously:

  1. Schedule book signings.  If you are only contacting local bookstores to hold your book signing, think again.  Is there a local coffee shop, non-profit event, fashion show or book fair you can attend?  I’ve done several events this year, even one at my chiropractor’s customer appreciation event.  I sold a bunch of books, received exposure to his clientele, and had an adjustment done on my aching body.
  2. Offer to speak at a function for free if you can sell your books before and after the event.  Eighty percent of the population want to write a book.  If you’ve published one, you likely have wisdom to share…even if it’s a list of “Don’ts.”
  3. Give stuff away.  Anytime I’m contacted to donate a copy of my book to use in a fundraiser, I say yes and always will.  (Note: I wouldn’t support ‘Cash for Satan’s Children’ or a ‘Do Drugs—They’re Fun!’ Event, but so far nobody like that has asked.)  Look for opportunities to give back.
  4. Get on television!  It certainly takes more than a phone call to David Letterman to get on his show, but there is plenty of local air time available.  If you are intimidated by feeling not good enough for even local programming, watch some.  I promise you will feel better.  For some inspiration, tune into WISH-TV on Sunday morning, October 16th at 7AM to catch me speaking about the Gorgeous Gals event happening on October 26th.  Besides, if David does call, wouldn’t it be nice to have some experience appearing on television before you’re a guest of his?
  5. Tape a dozen short videos and post them on YouTube.  Then put them on your Facebook page, tweet about them, and put them on your website with links to them in your blog.  Think that’s a dumb idea?  Google James Patterson and see how many videos he has.  I stopped scrolling forward at page 55.  He earned $70 million this year.

To date I don’t have any video, but I am working on it.  I tried to record a 20 second video with my 12 year old as the camera man.  After more than two dozen takes, I had to start bribing him for each subsequent take.  It shouldn’t be that hard, but he kept cracking me up by directing through pantomime and exaggerated arm movements.  I’ll give it another shot soon.  If you have a video, feel free to post it in the comments section.  I’d love to see what others are doing to behave famously!


  1. Great ideas! I will keep them in mind as I work towards getting an agent and/or getting my book published! Then look out world… (wink)


  2. Love it! And one more thing…when someone asks you if you are famous, find a polite way to say, “why yes, I am!” 🙂

  3. Awesome post Darby. Act how you want to be. It’s all about promotion, promoting yourself as an expert or (Famous) will help you be seen that way.

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