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Business Owner Challenges – Darby Rae

Business Owner Challenges

Being an author, means being a business owner. Lynn Zettler of LifeAction Coaching, Inc. shares business owner challenges:

“My biggest challenge came very quickly in learning what activities were worthwhile and which activities were not. When you are first starting out you feel like you need to do everything or you will miss an opportunity. However, very quickly you see that you could fill your whole day with networking meetings and not have any time left to actually do any paid work! One way to do that is to get very clear about defining your perfect client and mission critical activities. You have to make some choices and you need to learn to say no to a lot of things. It’s a real learning process.”

As a coach, any advice for someone wanting to start their own business?  “First, get very clear on your customers and mission critical activities. If you are a new business owner who is still wearing all of the hats, don’t be afraid to get creative with your delegation or outsourcing. Would it really cost you that much to have a virtual assistant, bookkeeper or publicist who will free up time for you to focus more on sales? Many times we focus more on the cost than on the benefit, and in reality, the benefit brings exponentially more value.”

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  1. I’ve been told the importance of blogging and tweeting in order to build a platform to help not only get me published but also to build a following. While I am enjoying these activities very much, I find I am not working on my writing as much as I need to. I’m trying to find a balance…basically I ask God every morning to guide me in my activities so I can be the most productive. I know He is guiding me, but I still feel a bit stretched thin. Oh, well, that’s life and I wouldn’t change it for anything!
    Thanks for the advice!

    • When ‘The Purpose Driven Life’ came out (I only read the first 8 Chapters) I remember it said something like, “…if you don’t have time to do everything you are trying to get done you are doing more than God intends for you to do…or watching too much television.” I don’t watch much television, so this speaks very clearly to me!

      Starting your day with a good dose of God sounds like a great way to keep balanced!


  2. Blaine McKowen says

    What Lynn says about defining your perfect client and mission critical activities is key. As a writer, I’m still trying to define my perfect client.

    • Good point! There are many potential ‘perfect clients’ a writer has

      A writer who is trying to have their work published the traditional route, may define thier perfect client as a large publishing house.

      A published writer (traditional or self-publish) may see the perfect client as someone on radio or television who can help promote their works…as Oprah’s book club did in the past. Mission critical activities to land in Oprah’s book club (so sorry that is a thing of the past) would be much different than working to get your non-fiction book on the list of required reading for a college course.

      More thoughts to ponder….

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