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New Book – Darby Rae

Merciful Law

Lawrence Davenport lives a fortunate life. He has a brilliant career, an enviable home, a devoted wife, and so much more. But Lawrence Davenport also has a brutal secret. One he has carefully hidden from his wife, Deborah, for years. But when she discovers the truth, she makes the only choice she can…never considering the personal consequences.

After three years, Emmet Navar is still grieving the death of his wife. Month by month he puts more pieces of his outwardly simple world back together, dedicating himself to his boys first and his firm second. He is not alone; those who know him recognize his struggles. To everyone else, Emmet’s biggest challenges appear to be retaining a personal assistant and controlling his fun-loving friends.

The woman they both know is battling demons from her past, demons in the present, and demons she is sure will rear their ugly heads in her future…and the future of those now close to her. She has no desire to trust, no desire to love and at times, no desire to live. Many days she allows herself to be fooled to believe her life is normal…even happy. Other days bear the terrifying truth…he is out there…he is hunting her…and he will not stop until he finds her. The only question is how high a price will she pay?

Full of suspense, adventure and humor, you’ll fall in love with the characters at every twist and turn in Merciful Law. It is the perfect blend of male and female, action and romance. As the story unfolds, you will wonder who will win, who will lose; who will live and who will die.

Merciful Law…they had a marriage to die for…and someone will.