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Dandelions – Darby Rae


Tessa Morgan yearned to be an average teenage girl. She had a protective mother who loved her, a stepdad who annoyed her and two spirited younger brothers who entertained her and started a bit of trouble. She didn’t have friends, a social life or a boyfriend.

The summer of her 16th birthday, all of that changed. When her feet hit the sand of Clowder Beach, she believed she finally had the chance to be normal. Suddenly, she had friends and maybe even a boyfriend.

Luke Decker had lived in Kilkenny his whole life. He’d experienced great loss, had no family except for his best friend Chase and his grandmother who had taken him in as their own, and had an overwhelming responsibility no teenager should ever carry. Luke was no ordinary teen and when he met Tessa, he knew she wasn’t either. She had no idea how different she really was and he would have to reveal the truth to her.

She wanted friends. She wanted adventure. She wanted excitement. What she discovered was a family secret that changed her destiny and threatened her life.

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