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Dr. Seuss Didn’t Write it…I Did. – Darby Rae

Dr. Seuss Didn’t Write it…I Did.

I would not, could not write my blog.
I could not, would not take a jog.
I can not make another call.
Or take a trip out to the mall.

I will not clean my dirty house.
I will not wash yet one more blouse.
I will not send another tweet.
I will not format my spreadsheet.
I will not buy another book.
Not in the store, not on my Nook.
I have to write 3,000 words.
This other stuff is for the birds!

Is there always something getting in the way of your writing?  I spend 50+ hours a week in the world of “Talent Management” consulting (yes, much more interesting than it may sound) and running a household for a family of five (me plus 4 teens).  There is always something!

Years ago when I was in direct sales, I used to journal affirmation statements.  These statements are written in the present like, “I call on prospects who want to talk to me; I want your business, but I don’t need it; I have plenty of hours in the day to do everything I have to; I am in perfect health,” and so on.  As with many things, it worked…and I stopped doing it.

Journaling “I” statements is one of the best ways to reprogram your brain toward positive thinking.  I can’t count how many times this month I’ve said, “I’m having difficulty with…I’m struggling in…I can’t seem to…”  All those negative thoughts are slowing me down, so I am journaling again.

There are many ways to journal, but I keep it simple by writing affirmations.  The key is to write in the present (I am, I have) and without negative words (I am in perfect health, NOT I don’t overeat.  I have plenty of money, NOT I am not in debt.)  Every morning I rewrite the 5 negative statements that have been slowing me down into positive affirming ones, like these:

-I finished writing ‘Killer Coordinates.’
-I am a bestselling author.
-I have perfect health.
-I have plenty of time to do everything I need and want to do!
-I reach the goals I set for myself.
-Life is easy and fun.
-I have four teenagers who clean their rooms and do their homework without my prompting.  (OK…I don’t write that.  These are affirmations, not insanity statements.)

Internationally-known speaker, author, advisor and dear friend, Boaz Rauchwerger (, once told me, “Darby, stop putting roadblocks in your own way!”  He was right then…and he’s still right.  Take a look at Boaz sharing his wisdom,, including powerful attitude advice like, “If it’s not what I want I won’t say it!”  Then leave me a comment with your Attitude Statements.  Have a powerful week.


  1. Wonderful advice. I completely agree in the power of positive thinking shaping our attitudes.
    I really like your affirmation on time. I will use it.

    I have plenty of time to accomplish everything I need to do and want to do!
    I have plenty of money to pay bills and allow me to stay home with my son!
    I am a writer and I am marketable!
    I reach my goals…no matter how long it takes! (I will get my book published!)

  2. By the way, I tweeted this. It’s good advice for everyone!

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