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Jumping Genres! – Darby Rae

Jumping Genres!

To someone in my generation, this might sound like something Robin would say to Batman (“Jumping Genres, Batman, did you see that?”…or I could be the only one thinking that…hmmm….*crickets*). But to someone who reads or writes, you know what I mean. The question I have been asked most lately, besides when will Dandelions be released, is why have I jumped genres from Merciful Law’s Action/Suspense (or Romantic Suspense) to Dandelions’ Young Adult Paranormal genre?

Multiple choice answer:

a)      I read YA fiction and love it!

b)      I like a variety of reading, therefore I like variety in my writing.

c)      I have commitment issues.

d)     Dandelions was partially written, and I wanted to finish it.

e)      My teens and their friends hounded me to write something for them.

The answer is all of the above, but mostly (e). Once my teens and their friends knew I had a YA book in the works, they were relentless to have me finish it. Teens have more power than multi-level marketing. They tell a friend, who tells two friends and so on. Soon any teen that walked in my house asked about when Dandelions would be finished. It was inspiring!

What we haven’t released yet is the price point for Dandelions. It will be released only in e-format, which keeps costs down, and I wanted to make it available at a price that anyone and everyone could afford…including teens and their friends. So…we’ve priced Dandelions at 99 cents. Yup, 99 cents.

You can download Dandelions Thursday ONLY and from every other ebook format in two weeks! Read it, talk about it, tweet about it, post it on your Facebook page, send an Instagram of it. Help me spread the word so I can continue to offer this series at 99 cents. We are already well into Fireweed, the next thrilling book of this series.

To everyone who is already helping get the word out, thank you a million-trillion. I am truly grateful!

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