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Merciful Law is going on tour! – Darby Rae

Merciful Law is going on tour!

So, my publicist has been telling me I need to do a blog tour. I have to be honest, I thought she was making it up. Turns out, it’s a real thing. There is an entire community of readers out there that dedicate their time to read and review author’s works. Not only was I excited to share my work with colleagues and peers that value reading as I do, I was so excited to learn they want me to guest post on their sites! I feel so honored!

This tour is virtual – Instead of going from city to city, traveling on a beaten down bus, eating horribly and keeping odd hours, I will be featured on different blogs throughout the fall. We’ve coordinated with some great bloggers and I’m so excited to hear what they think of Merciful Law. All of the posts will be shared on my calendar.

If you’d like to participate in the Merciful Law Fall Book Blog Tour, please contact

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