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My Dragon Ate My Blog! – Darby Rae

My Dragon Ate My Blog!

Last October (after frying my Blackberry when I was in England), I bought a Droid 2.  When I showed it to my oldest son, he remarked, “Mom, you’re not qualified to own that.  Do you know what that phone can do?”  I gave him a dismissive wave and swore I would learn how to use my phone myself.  I also vowed to be more proactive in learning and using technology, which seems to advance in dog years.

In January I bought the Livescribe Pulse Smartpen.  I use it as a digital recorder when I‘m in the car, but the Smartpen records what I hear and write when I’m at conferences or meetings.  The recorder, which looks like a fat pen, integrates the notes I take with the audio (recording).  Its functionality also makes sharing easy enough that I can do it.  After months of use, I collected hours of recordings.  So, the next obvious addition to my technology toolbox was a transcription accessory.

For my birthday in May, I bought myself the Dragon, a sassy piece of software that does more than just transcribe.  It will create emails, documents and spreadsheets simply by speaking.  I can literally control my laptop with the Dragon (with a little more training).  Proudly, I report, I went through the initial tutorial in its entirety before using my new gizmo.  Then I dictated my Father’s Day blog and commanded the Dragon to move the text (blog) to an email.  That’s when he ate my blog.

Pride has kept me from asking one of my teens for help in coaxing the Dragon to release my blog from his clutches.  After all, Father’s Day has passed, and I have nearly a year for the beast to burp up my blog.  With a little more training, I’m confident the Dragon and I will have a productive coexistence.

Check out the Smartpen and the Dragon but if you are able to train your Dragon before I train mine…no fair bragging about it.


  1. Waaaay over my comprehension. E-mail & regular cell phone are about it. Very impressive how advanced you are in technology. I’ve never heard of the Dragon. Sounds like it makes for saving time.
    The Smartpen is what the ‘Get Smart’ guy on a TV series years ago. He talked into his pen. eva

  2. The Dragon and I still aren’t on good terms, he’s a bit temperamental…but I’m haven’t given up. What I really want to learn is Photoshop–so next year when friends send e-Christmas cards I can have some fun inserting myself into everyone’s family photo. Everyone needs a holiday hobby. = )

  3. Charlotte says

    J’aime vraiment votre article. J’ai essaye de trouver de nombreux en ligne et trouver pour être la meilleure de toutes.

    Mon francais n’est pas tres bon, mais non Anglais.

    • Mi francés no es muy grande. Yo estudié en el 4to y 5to grado. Todavía puedo jugar Simón dice, pero sería difícil para preguntar dónde queda el baño. =)

      Gracias por tu comentario!

  4. Roger Mann says

    Saved as a favorite, I uncommonly like your blog!
    You have adventure with everything you touch.
    Thank you for the laughter.

    • Roger,

      You are welcome. It warms my heart to know my technical suffering brings joy and laughter to others. My children were once the only audience I had.

      However, the technology I have purchased in the last 12 months: Nook, Dragon, Livescribe, digital camera, Droid 2, GPS (hey, a GPS counts as technology) the only one I haven’t quite mastered is the Dragon…but I will.

  5. Your history with technology sounds like mine! I guess misery loves company. Hope The Dragon decided to return your blog before next Father’s Day.

  6. I have a website and am beginning to write blogs. Every Sunday I know my house will be vacuumed top to bottom because that’s the day I should be writing my blog. Life was easier before blogging.


  7. Cathy Roberts says

    I find all these “useful” technical gadgets are much like all the exercise equipment I see at garage sales. Great idea, but only a slim minority ever consistently use them. I have the Dragon you have, and I can’t figure out how to get it to transcribe from my digital recorder. I would be a happy woman if I could get that to work.


  8. I’ve been using ‘the dragon’ as you call it for my college papers. It does take a bit of getting used to, and requires editing, but it is so worth it. Rarely do I type anything first. Freedom from neck cramps! Give it another try…this time saving your doc manually along the way. = )

    • My nirvana would be figuring out how to hook up my Dragon to transcribe from my Livescribe. I know it is possible, I just run out of patience. Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll give it another try.

  9. charlie froman says

    Great posts, especially this one – thank you! 🙂

  10. cassie woodman says

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