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My love/hate relationship with reading – Darby Rae

My love/hate relationship with reading

Iʼve made no secret that, with the exception of reading to my children, I never read  fiction. Needless to say, I didnʼt read fiction novels. I read dozens of business book like  Think and Grow Rich, The Millionaire Next Door, The 4-Hour Work Week, and Good to  Great. I read countless life improvement book (told in story form) like The Monk Who  Sold His Ferrari, The Richest Man in Babylon, Rich Dad Poor Dad and The Janitor…all  excellent books. I read spiritual books, psychology books, inspirational books; sales,   management and leadership books. You get the picture. I only wanted to read books I  could learn from…anyone else out there like me?

My infatuation with fiction didnʼt happen over night, but it did happen in just one month.  My daughter was reading the Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer. I had seen the first  movie with her, and when she recommended I read the second book, I decline. It was  almost 600 pages! I was thinking, the only thing worse than a fiction novel is a long  fiction novel. I wanted to support her reading habit, though, so I bought her the four  book series.

A few days later she and I were alone at the house. Somehow she convinced me to  read the second book while she read the third. Half-way into the book I was in love with  the characters and Stephanie Meyers writing talent. I finished the second book, but she  hadnʼt finished the third, so she told me to read the first one. “The book is so much  better than the movie,” she said. So I began to read…and she was right. I finished the  series that month and was hooked on fiction. For fun, I even began writing a vampire  novel in my spare time. Then I read seven more books recommended on Stephanie  Meyerʼs website plus her book The Host. Itʼs my favorite.

Developing a love for fiction was the first step. The second step was a conversation  with my sister regarding retirement. I was recommending she write novels when she  retires. She has read hundreds, maybe even thousands of novels, and her writing skills  are incredible. The idea didnʼt interest her, but when I hung up the phone I was sold on  it. Becoming a fiction novelist seemed like a great idea for me. It wasnʼt long before I  had the idea for Merciful Law and began writing.

The first positive reinforcement toward my writing came from my daughter. She had me  read some of the story to her and she genuinely enjoyed it. As great a daughter as she  is, I know she wouldnʼt have sat still night after night and listened to the story if she  didnʼt enjoy it.

My second and most powerful affirmation that I had what it took to write a great novel  came from one of my best friends. She studied writing in college and is an avid reader,  but more importantly, she wouldnʼt lie to me. After reading a chapter to her she told me  not only did she love it, but when it was finished, she would help edit it and get it  published…and now here I am with my first published novel.

Looking back, I see all the road blocks that could have stopped me. Fortunately, I had  many more things happening that pushed me forward. So my question to you today is,  what goal or dream have you chosen not to pursue because you believe the road blocks  are too mighty to overcome? Whatever the roadblock is, just tell yourself…if Darby can  do it…I can too. I promise you there wasnʼt anything in my education, career or gene  pool that gave me a pre-disposition to become an author…but I did it, and whatever  your goal is, Iʼm rooting for you!


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