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Need Some e-Help! – Darby Rae

Need Some e-Help!

So…along with being less than proficient with technology, I also have commitment issues with technology.  Why?  Because it changes so quickly!  By the time I figure out what to buy, buy it and learn how to use it…a better, faster, easier to use, etc…one is released.  So this is one area in life I just want someone (technically savvy) to tell me what to do.  What advice do you have for me and others like me out there who need help with their e-reader purchase?

If you are one of the countless e-reader user/owners, tell us what you have and why you would (or wouldn’t) recommend it?  Would you make the same purchase today?  Below are some of the features and functions this Consumer Reports video talks about.

What features are important to you?  Here are the ones I think are important to me:

Must be easy (for ME) to use.

Must be able to read outdoors in bright sun (would that be e-ink vs. LCD?)

Must be able to connect easily to the internet without additional expense.

Must be able to download books easily and from a variety of locations.

Would be nice to share e-books.

Would be nice to check out library books.

Not sure about battery life, screen size and page turning…is there that much difference?

Not sure what else could be important…color?

The online comparisons seem to favor the Kindle, but one-on-one conversations I have favor the Nook.  What advice do you have for all the ‘non-e-reader owners?’  If you were buying an e-reader this weekend…what would you buy?

And of course your first download should be Merciful Law!   (Had to get a plug in there!)


  1. Tony Ratagick says

    So – did you get one yet?
    I bought the Kindle. Paid $139 for it and bought a couple books for it right off, one of which I’m reading now.
    I had my primary reason as must be able to read in any light condition, like a regular book. Except I get a bonus because I can change the font size, so its even better than a book.
    No backlight, so the battery lasts forever.
    I can get new books as long as I’m around wi-fi, such as my home network or my own cell phone, because you never know, you might just be sitting on a ferris wheel one day and think “hey, I should go ahead and download that new bestseller – RIGHT NOW!”
    I saw you’re requirement to share e-books – good one, didnt think of that. I need to see if thats possible for me.
    Page turning – ok really, yes its important. I have had to learn how to pick up and handle my kindle, because when I first started using it, I was loosing my place constantly. Push the wrong button and you’re back at the home screen, or grab it from the sides and you move back a page – or forward – hey, its minor annoyance, but it IS annoying.
    Color? I’m a guy. Next question.
    Seriously, go buy yourself a nice kindle cover to match your personality, and keep the production costs of the kindle relatively low with their single color options.
    Tell Wingman that T-Rat says “what up?” from TN2.

  2. Yes, I bought an e-reader…and it may soon be the most expensive Frisbee I own. Wingman would tell you “the woman’s blood pressure is what’s up.”

    It was down to the Kindle or the Nook and the two factors that tipped the scale were (1) I had more friends with Nooks so we can share books and (2) I can check out e-books from the library on the Nook…as of last Monday the Kindle does not have that option. Now, whether or not I do either of those things is debatable.

    After charging up my Nook, I decided to download a couple books from the library. That way, if I did it wrong…the mistake wouldn’t cost me. (A defeatist plan, but hey…I’m a realist with my technical ability.) So here’s how I spent the next three hours…step (1) go to the library website, step (2) page down, step (3) accidently launch something by fat fingering the touch screen step (4) mentally insult the mothers of all who developed the Nook, step (5) repeat steps 1-4 several times, step (6) finally come to the screen that asks for my library card, step (7) unsuccessfully enter the 14 digit library card number or 4 digit pin step (8) repeat steps 1-7 until my “friend” inquires how much I paid for this new piece of aggravation. While I am typically a mild mannered (murder-writing) person, I considered replacing his front teeth with my shiny white Nook.

    To prove (if only to myself) that I am not completely technically inept, I successfully downloaded a book from the library to my laptop…it was a 13 step process to register with Adobe, download software, etc…but I did it. Tomorrow I’ll give the Nook another try.

    In my Nook’s defense, I am told getting everything set up can be a headache, but downloading books and reading them is fairly simple. I am hopeful and committed to that success. The bonus of course, if I can’t figure it out on my own, there is surely a nine year old giving a tutorial on YouTube I can watch.
    = )

  3. Just wanted to report that my Nook is actually simple to navigate. Big mistake trying to check out a library e-book first. In fact, it is dangerously simple to download books. Now I have enough reading material in my Nook library to last a couple months.

    This weekend I am camping with my Nook…and instead of bringing 20 lbs of books with me…I’m traveling light.

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