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Never Forget – Darby Rae

Never Forget

I’ll never forget September 11th and the months that followed.

I’ll never forget watching in horror as the second plane hit, as people jumped to their death and others ran for their lives.

I’ll never forget the countless heroes that sacrificed their lives to save the wounded and tirelessly fought to find survivors.

I’ll never forget the unity of our nation, the strength of our leaders, and the retaliation toward terrorism.

Tears were shed publicly. Hope was clung to with unyielding fervor. Heartbreak was shown nationally.

I’ll never forget my cousin (not a NY firefighter) went to ground zero to be with my cousin who was a NY firefighter…because that’s what brothers do, he told my uncle.

I’ll never forget the call from my father sharing all our NY family was safe, accounted for and devastated.

I’ll never forget the relief and the guilt that I was not mourning the loss of a loved one when so many had lost…so many.

Family bonds were stronger.  Tolerance was higher.  Life was more precious.

I’ll never forget the grief and horror that came from the tragedy of 9/11. And I’ll never forget all the good that came from that tragedy.

I’ll never forget that my church saw parishioners who had been away for years.  And I’ll never forget we embraced them…and now miss them.

Hugs lasted longer.  Forgiveness was given freer.  Prayers were said more frequently. Love was shown more openly.

While there are countless videos, songs and poems that remind us of the incredible loss we suffered as a nation so we never forget; let us also remember that in the wake of this national catastrophe, our hearts were opened as we mourned for the loss of strangers and prayed for the safety of everyday heroes.


  1. This is a lovely tribute to 9/11 Darby. Thank you for taking the time to write this very eloquent account of it. God Bless all the people in this nation today and forever!

  2. How magnificent is our nation when we can be at our strongest when faced with our worst moment! I wish our feelings of unity from that day could be carried over to everyday, but I will take comfort in knowing we are one nation, under GOD when it truly matters.

  3. Jan Howard said exactly how I feel. It’s as though you were sitting next to me when you express/describe your feelings & thoughts. Wish I had that gift.

  4. Thank you all for your comments.
    There were so many tributes yesterday that celebrated lives and heroes. How beautiful.
    Still there are so many grieving, those who lost loved ones and those who survived when others didn’t. We are all praying for them.

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