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Second Story Syndrome – Darby Rae

Second Story Syndrome

Choose the best answer from the list below.  Second Story Syndrome is:

  1. Paranoia or psychosis associated with fear of the ‘second story’ of a building.
  2. An irregular story where the ‘secondary’ plot is overdeveloped and overwhelms the primary plot.
  3. Hesitation by a reader to read the ‘second (or any other) story’ written by an author when they dearly loved the first work…for fear it won’t be as good.
  4. A burglar who is obsessed with entering houses by an upstairs window.
  5. The struggle an author endures after his/her first book is successfully launched and he/she struggles to write the ‘second story.’

Guess which one I’m wrestling with?


  1. Clarence Mason says

    Hmm? Well since “Killer Coordinates” is underway or complete, it’s not the struggle with a second book.
    So, using my highly developed deductive reasoning ability, …let me guess…I will take 2. Or maybe the reader who might be reluctant…nah, not that….it’s 2…for sure…..
    More later as I am 165 pages of 450 in Merciful Law. I reserve the right to change this answer once I have completed the first book…..If I am wrong…..1 Shot of Patron, if I am correct: You get the Shot….Rules are determined by…..Me….Ha..Ha…

  2. I’m guessing #5? Although #4 is hilarious : )

    • And you would be correct!
      Of course you are past 2nd story syndrome since you have 4 completed…must be nice!

      Glad you like #4, Katie. I loved your blog on 25 of Life’s Truths. My favorites are 4 & 5

      4. Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

      5. If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you’ve never tried before.

  3. AuntieAnnette says

    I think you should change #4 to A writer who is tempted to hurl herself out of an upstairs window while attempting to finish her second novel. Then I would be living proof of #4 and #5.

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