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Sushi and Shakespeare – Darby Rae

Sushi and Shakespeare

Since I have only been reading fiction (for my enjoyment) for the last two years, I missed out on quite a bit of great literature.  In high school and college, I would read the cliff notes to pass a test, but obviously cliff notes are just that, notes.  So last week when my daughter asked me to read Shakespeare with her, I jumped at the chance, especially since the teacher provided notes on the characters.  Admittedly, I was a bit worried I would have trouble following along with this 10th grade reading assignment.

The first night we cracked open A Midsummer Night’s Dream we spent an hour and a half reading the first act and discussing what was happening in the play.  We took turns reading aloud and laughing while each of us tried to sound poetic but failed miserably.  Occasionally, we would both shrug our shoulders not being able to decipher what was written into plain English.

Though we enjoyed the first night of reading together, there were several interruptions by my other looming teens. Two days later when Rachel asked if I would read the second act with her, I decided to take her out of the house for some one-on-one mother- daughter-Shakespeare time. 

So there we sat for easily two hours at the Sushi House (great sushi, reasonable prices and fabulous service, by the way) eating sensational sushi and reading Shakespeare. Who knew reading Shakespeare would be so much fun? While none of my sons were envious in the least not to be included, my daughter bragged to her friends about our evening out.

Shakespeare and Sushi…an unlikely combination, but truly an evening both my daughter and I will remember for years to come.


  1. I love this, Darby. Warms my heart. I’m sooo glad you are passionate about reading. I’m not, and I envy those who are. Of course, I could remedy that – but I guess I’m too lazy. Kelli is also passionate about reading, and her kids (my wonderful grandkids) are proof. What a blessing you are giving your kids (my wonderful grandkids again). Love, grandma eva

    • My mother and sisters always loved to read (fiction) and I didn’t catch the bug until 2009. Late bloomer, I guess. Last weekend we went to Michigan and on the way home, she drove and I read “The Host.” Another great Mother-Daughter memory.

      As for my boys…they are likely to be late bloomers too!

  2. Darby…It is so hard as a working mother and a writer to get those happy places and enjoy them.. far and few times that a mothers gets.Now you need to work on the boys good luck with that…your next book maybe? I can not wait to read your book on vac.

    Happy writing to you,
    Kathryn at Voila

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