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Twitter is for Twerps – Darby Rae

Twitter is for Twerps

I’m not interested in up to date Tweets regarding where people are eating lunch or who was mad at their friend…and why…nor do I believe anyone would want to know the same about me.  But my agent insisted I be a part of Twitter.  (She reminds me occasionally, I’ve hired her to tell me what to do).  So she set up my account and said, “Tweet.”

Well, perhaps she gave more helpful instructions—and perhaps I wasn’t wearing my listening ears.  So after a couple months of scattered unproductive tweeting—mostly posting links to my blogs and upcoming appearances—I was ready for a change.  As luck would have it, the perfect Tweet appeared!  (One thing I did right was follow some great people.)  Admittedly, I was guilty of a half of these mistakes, but my number one issue: lack of clarity.

John states in his intro, “…That’s why you need to have your end goal in mind…(to) stay focused and on point and not get sucked into wasting unproductive hours on Twitter.”  His words were spot on.  Twitter is about relationships: give-and-take.  You have to decide (1) What you want to know (2) Who you want to know it from (3) What you want to share (4) and Who you wish to share it with.

Once I clarified my goals, it was time to learn the ‘how.’  Unwilling to waste time (again) figuring it out, I sought more expert advice from John Aguiar (  His guide teaches everything from setting up your Twitter account, to finding followers, to making money with Twitter.  I’m 1/3 through it, and it’s awesome!

Twitter is for Twerps.  That’s what I used to think before I had direct access to industry gurus…and before people I never knew began to follow me.


  1. Thank You for including me on your post and for the positive comps 🙂 I’m glad I was able to help you get more focused on Twitter. Trust me, it took me a while to get it all str8 too haha

    I’m really happy Twitter Dummy is helping you to.. please email me thru my blog if you have any specific questions on it.

    • You are so welcome! There are tons of resources available on how to improve results on Twitter. You were the first one I saw really practicing what you preached AND who took the time to reach out in a welcoming way through a DM.

      I do get many Direct Messages–but they tend to be either “please buy from me” requests or weird creepy messages…lots of weird creepy out there. That said, sending a DM is such a great way to quickly connect and start building relationships.

      Now that I have the basics down, it’s time to add structure to the time I spend on Twitter…and add some more of the advanced stuff you mention. Soon I will be a Twitter Ninja…well, maybe not soon, but eventually.


      • Update:
        In the past 10 days I have increased my following from 22 people to over 100. But equally as exciting is I have had conversations (through Direct Messages) with 4 published authors who are willing to share some of their secrets…and many others including potential readers.

  2. Patricia Maxwell says

    I am definately a twerp with twitter. I have 30 followers and feel like I’m just wasting time with it. Looking at the 12 mistakes you linked to, I realize most of what I am doing is wrong.

    Thanks for the post.

    x-twerp Pat.

    • Well, Pat, you are in very good company! I am almost at 300 followers now and my blogging and tweeting is driving nice traffic to my website…and increasing book sales. But I am still learning!

  3. Hilary Thompson says

    I had the same opinion of Twitter (and Facebook too). Personally I am much more connected with friends and family on FB and professionally I am much better informed. I have thousands of Twitter pals who help keep me informed in my business (graphic design) without having to search for every article myself.

    The downside, of course, is both are addictive. If I’m not careful I end up spending half the day learning a lot and doing nothing. : )

    • Yes, trying to find a good balance is the key. I set the alarm on my cell phone for 8:30 am and 1:30 pm since I jump on social media before 8 and at lunch. When the alarm goes off…it is time to get back to the “doing.” After 6, I rely more on my eyelids drooping as a natural “alarm.”

  4. Stephanie Updike says

    I use Twitter to help me stay in touch with my clients. My only frustration is that many companies now use marketing companies to do their Tweeting, so nothing I send gets to them. Any ideas on how to get around this?

    • Stephanie,

      What you described happens all the time when you Tweet to an organization, rather than a person. Unless you can get personal Twitter address of your clients, you may just be spinning your wheels.

      If you write a blog, emailing the url with a short hook may help…especially if you have a Twitter button on your blog so they can follow you.

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